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Challenge your mind and take aim as you balance strategy with speed in this unique new game. Create klumpz of six balls to make them explode in a rainbow of colors! Make even bigger klumpz to get balls with special powers and watch your score soar!

Two modes to choose from: Plan your shots carefully in strategy mode or fire at will in speed mode!
  • Two modes of play.
  • Unique gameplay.
  • In-depth tutorial.
System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Memory: 256 MB
Hard Drive Space: 20 MB
Processor: 800 MHz
3D Hardware Accelerated Graphics
DirectX: 7
Destroy the balls by making groups of six or more of the same color.
Make larger groups to create balls with special powers.
The circular perimeter gradually contracts. Destroy groups of balls to expand it again.
In Strategy mode, the perimeter contracts slowly and neutralizes balls on contact.
In Speed mode, the perimeter contracts quickly but does not neutralize balls.
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